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Meet the founders

Meet the founders


We’re a trio of women with strong Latin American roots and business backgrounds, who met in Graduate School at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) with a common goal: to elevate the fashion industry through luxurious, sustainable materials that make women feel beautiful and are healthy for them to wear.

We love to explore other places and cultures, and realized fashion stopped celebrating a global world by destroying the places and the people who make our products. We’ve traveled the world to learn about the unique characteristics of different fibers, the intricacies of international supply chains, and how we can live sustainably through fashion.

We chose Peru to begin building a new supply chain, because of the high-quality and sustainability of the alpaca fiber. It’s the purest fiber in the world. By working with co-ops that purchase from small, family-owned farms, we’re able to give back to the local Peruvian economy while providing exceptional-quality accessories to our customers, that last. We believe we can make a change, no matter how small it seems.