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Clean Fibers

Why do fibers matter? Fibers become fabrics, and fabrics become your clothing. You live your life in them. You breath in all toxins. And your skin absorbs all chemicals used to process them. Now does it matter?

We hand-pick clean fibers only. What does that mean? We travel directly to the fiber place of origin, work directly with herders, establish a low-waste supply chain, and test all fibers in the US to insure toxic regulations meet our standards.

We work with baby alpaca, the highest-quality alpaca fiber, from the Peruvian Andes. The location, elevation, and broad range of climates in Peru produces alpaca animals with superior coat quality, and a fiber that’s exceptionally soft, cozy, and warm.

Baby Alpaca – The Most Natural “Technical” Fiber

Moisture-wicking and breathable, baby alpaca is a natural “technical” fiber. Its semi-hollow-fiber cells create tiny air pockets that retain heat when needed and transport moisture away from the body. This helps you stay warm in cold climates and comfortable and dry in humid climates. You’re walking to the subway on a chilly morning and your beanie seems to warm up instantly, as you enter the heat blasted subway, you feel hot air starting to evaporate, then a comfortable and cozy feeling kicks in. Those are the tiny air pockets working their magic, retaining and releasing heat when needed.

Why is our fiber the purest?

Unlike wool and cashmere, our Baby Alpaca fiber doesn’t contain lanolin. Lanolin, a skin irritant for many people, is removed through scouring, a harsh, chemical washing process that often increases the incidence of allergic reactions. Scouring can also consume millions of liters of water per day, and generates chemical-laden water and waste products. Alpaca requires no chemical scouring agents, making it both healthier to wear and healthier for the environment.

Our fiber acts like a rubber band - making your pieces last longer. Alpaca’s long, strong fibers are extremely durable, elastic, and wrinkle-resistant. When crafted into accessories by skilled weavers, alpaca products last for years.

No toxic-dyes here.

And sometimes NO-DYES at all. Toxic dyes are filled with poisonous chemicals, including lead. We say no thank you. And work directly with our manufacturers to develop toxic-free dyes, certified by the United States Government as clean, AZO-Free and REACH Certified. In addition to more than 24 NO-DYE-Added neutral colorways, we offer a range of rich, saturated colors, created with eco-friendly dyes that are better for you and for the earth.

Baby Alpaca + Silk

For warmer seasons, we blend alpaca with silk. Which is naturally cooling and has a luxurious feel and exceptional drape. The strongest of all natural fibers, silk is also extremely durable, as well as resistant to dust mites and mildew. The two fibers together create lightweight, breathable accessories that are perfect for warmer climates and for layering. Both fibers are fully biodegradable, so they’ll never end up polluting our rivers and oceans.