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We source fibers and manufacture final products from the craftsmanship historical place of origin - this allows us to create a low-impact, innovative, and sustainable fashion ecosystem that mutually benefits the local economy,our designers and manufacturers, and our customers.

The Peruvian people respect and have a long history with the alpaca; they don’t farm the animals, but cohabitate with them, and the alpacas are never harmed in the shearing process.

Low Impact Manufacturing

We purchase from co-ops that work with family-owned farms that have a smaller carbon footprint. We also avoid plastics and other environmental pollutants. And we use a fiber that requires minimal processing and generates 50% less waste than traditional cold-weather fibers such as merino wool or cashmere. Our fibers are fully biodegradable, so they’ll never end up polluting our rivers and oceans.

Designed to Last

We’re an accessories company, so our products aren’t secondary to other collections; they’re our full-time passion. We design and create every product with care and intent. We create easy, versatile, high-quality investment accessories that will last for years. Designing investment pieces that last, reduces textile landfill waste. 85% of clothing purchases end up in the landfill.

Clean Luxury

Our accessories aren’t just cozy and comfortable; they’re also good for you. We’ve spent a lot of time finding and analyzing select fibers, to ensure they’re nontoxic, all natural, and promote healthy living. Our baby alpaca fiber naturally contains no lanolin, the substance found in wool and cashmere that often causes itching and skin sensitivity. Because of this, our fiber doesn’t have to be chemically processed to remove irritants. Our neutral colorways aren’t dyed, while our rich range of colors are created using nontoxic, earth-friendly dyes. We’re all about clean luxury that’s good for you.

We Save


Over half a million liters of water per day. Per manufacturing plant.

Over 1 million 16.09 fluid ounce water bottles per day. Per plant.

Over 930,000 tons of waste per day. Per Plant.