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Transitioning Scarves from Summer to Fall

The best accessory to add the lightness of summer to a fall look.

Transitioning Scarves from Summer to Fall

That Summer heat lingers and those Fall breezes aren't chilly enough, that's what September feels like in NYC. The warm weather is still appreciated, but what is not appreciated, is not knowing what to wear? Is it going to be cold in the evening? Is the commute on the subway going to be blistering hot?

Well, scarfs usually tend to be the key accessory you need in your bag at this time. It's perfect for layering over your shoulders when it starts getting chilly at night. AND most importantly, it starts giving you a fall look. It pulls your outfit together to start giving it that Fall polished feel. 

You can let it drape over the front of any Tee and skirt combo. Add it to any Summer dress. Or use it as a way to add a fall color way to your transitioning into Fall look.

Our silk and baby alpaca blends are absolutely perfect. Light, breathable, and just the perfect Summer into Fall weight.

Happy Fall! Adios Summer :)







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