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New York City Nights: Photography Series

Introducing: New York City Nights

Our first black and white photography series, shot around New York city during a snowy night.

Shot by photographer and creative director Sam Zauscher as part of her mission to celebrate and discover culture, arts, design, and destinations around the globe.

New York City Nights: Photography Series

Samantha Zauscher is a San Diego based photographer and creative director. Inspired by both the intentional and organic choreography of camera, subject, scene, and space, she feels most free exploring each new story, project, or event as its own narrative, free from any preconceived style and ripe for collaboration.

She believes in the immense power of the human creative spirit, and considers herself the modern explorer: adventure + travel junkie with a healthy side of homebody.

Visit Society House to learn more about her independent, aesthetically-driven visual studio specializing in modern photography and direction for brands, individuals, artists, and editorial mediums around the globe.

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