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Gabriella’s Summer Faves

As Summer starts to wind down - here are my favorite Summer Finds:

Gabriella’s Summer Faves

On a recent trip to Nantucket (The cutest island ever) off of Cape Code, I realized how many places there are left to explore outside of NYC. At times when we plan vacations we tend to stick to the usual places we know or plan a trip far away from home. Well, vacationing somewhere new and near to home is always a great choice, and Nantucket proved that.

The bright and coastal cottages are so picturesque. The frozen lemonade is amazing. The sailing is spectacular. The beaches cannot be forgotten, especially because that's where I lived for 3 days.

As summer starts to wind down - here are my favorite Summer Finds:

1. Nantucket - the island was just the perfect 3-day mini vacation I needed and can't wait to be back next Summer.

2. Olivela - the cutest boutique I found while exploring Nantucket's downtown district. It's perfectly merchandised with must-have designer goods and listen to this - A portion of the proceeds from every purchase you make at the store goes directly to children's causes. How could I not love that? Here is their online store:

3. LAMINI Mott Wrap - I literally traveled with the Mott Wrap everywhere I went this Summer. It's perfect for layering over the shoulders or to use as a swimsuit cover up. It's a must-have. 

4. Ursa Major Face Wipes - Don't know how I lived without these face wipes before I discovered them this Summer. They feel amazing on your skin, they're made with bamboo-cloth wipes which makes them clean, exfoliate and hydrate. You can use them after the beach or for a mid-day face refresher. Here is where you can pick those up:

5. Kiehls Lip Balm - I know it's a bit boring, but lip balm in the Summer is a must. Long days out in the sun can take a toll on the lips. My favorite is the Kielhls Facial Fuel Lip Balm. It moisturizes without the shine and it's perfect to throw in a beach bag or tote.

Happy Summer! Hope you are all enjoying your Summer vacations!






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