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5 Must-Have Vacation Accessories

It's time to pack for your Summer vacation. Here are 5 items you can't forget.

5 Must-Have Vacation Accessories

Time to pack. Everything is laid out, literally everything in your closet is laid out on the floor. You start imagining all of the amazing outfits you're going to wear and the exact situation in where you're going to wear them. You start justifying packing 10 pairs of shoes, because why not? And then you realize you have a carry-on and that's it. 

So, that is why we have your 5 Must-Have Vacation Accessories to pack:

1. A chic sandal - it's what you're actually going to live your life in while on vacation. Yes, the 5 pair of heels are amazing. But you're actually going to wear a chic sandal 99% of the time.

2. A bright colored earring - it will be your statement piece. You can layer it with other dainty items or wear it solo as your key accessory. It will add a bol splash of color to any neutral clothing items you've packed.

3. A light scarf - it will save you on those unexpected chilly evenings. Layer it up around the shoulders for a chic put together vacation feel. And it will also be your travel companion as you're freezing on the airplane. 

4. A bold pair of sunglasses - you stare at this pair all year long, imagining the vacations where you'll wear these to. This is your chance. Pack that bold pair of sunnies you invested in and let them shine while your sipping margaritas.

5. A fabulous hat - when you are soaking up the sunshine, this needs to be your companion. A fabulous hat that protects you from the sun and keeps your skin healthy, while you feel put together somehow because you know how fab that hat is.




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